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Gorongosa National Park

Created during the early twentieth century the Gorogosa National Park has suffered a lot under the revolution and the civil war. Because of heavy poaching and the usage of the animals as food and the selling of...

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Hlane Royal National Park

Throughout Swaziland there are large nature reserves that attract the attention of people around the world however since they are all big the chances of seeing all the animals that are out there is slim. Luckil...

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Malolotja Nature Reserve

Most nature reserves focus on the large amount of wild animals they have. While Malolotha has a wide variety of wild animals roaming the reserve there is something else that makes Malolotja special with a large...

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Maputo Elephant Reserve

One of the only game reserves that borders on the ocean and it is filled with elephants. The Maputo Elephant Reserve is popular among tourists that want to just get a taste of the wild. With most of the animals...

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Mbuluzi Game Reserve

If you want to enjoy the thrill of animals walking up to your camp and watching you enjoy breakfast then Mbuluzi is perfect for you. The reserve is quite small only stretching 3000 hectares into the bush. There...

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Mhlosinga Nature Reserve

With more and more reserves opening up across the country the need to save and protect the wildlife of the world is becoming clear. This means that the animals are safe in the places where they would previously...

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Mkhaya Game Reserve.

If you have ever wanted to see the big five you know that the lions and cheetahs cause any trail walking to become a hazardous situation. However if you want to see Rhino’s, Elephants or Giraffes you coul...

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Mlawula Nature Reserve

With 16 500 hectares available for travelling through the beautiful Mlwawula Nature Reserve, you can take up to nine hours of hiking trips and still not be able to see everything the Reaserve has to offer, if y...

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Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary

There are a lot of wildlife Reserves throughout Africa, however there are only a few where you can walk close to some of the animals. The animals in Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary are so at peace with the humans t...

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Ngwempisi Wilderness Area

Something that makes ever Reserve worth visiting is the large amounts of animals that you can see. However most Reserves require you to use a safari vehicle. This means that you can only see the animals from a ...

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Niassa Nature Reserve

It is twice the size of the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Niassa Nature Reserve is a reserve that is located quite far off the beaten track. This has made it suffer less tourism but also helps the anima...

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