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Beira Railway Station

Built as a link to Zimbabwe the Beira Railway Station has a long history that involves the growth of the country. The station itself is quite beautiful with a design that is unique to the station. The station i...

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Chimanimani Mountains National Park

This Park is centred around the Chimanimani Mountains of Mozambique. They are the highest mountains in the country. This means that you can hike through them with ease and experience nature in a unique way. The...

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Dolphin Dhow Safaris

If you are planning a trip to Mozambique it is important to make sure that you have some form of boat transport. If you are adventurous you could ask a local to take you to the islands however if you prefer to ...

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Lake Malawi

There are only a few lakes in the world that has crystal clear waters and Lake Malawi is easily one of them. Because of the warm temperatures of the country the water is always warm with some of the most beauti...

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Maguga Dam

One of the largest Dams in Swaziland it was built to provide water to all the surrounding cities and towns. This means that there are thousands of people all depending on the resources that are created by the M...

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Mount Mabu

If you have ever watched fantasy movies where the protagonist explores deep forests and finds things long thought lost and then you felt that you had to have such an experience you might be in for the chance of...

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Ngwenya Glass

Surviving since the late 1980’s the Ngwenya Glass factory is one of the rare hands on glass factories in Africa. With internationally trained glassmith that are constantly creating master pieces and selli...

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Phophonyane Falls and Nature Reserve

Most reserves in Africa focus on the bush, this means that they are dry and hot which means that during the day you only ever want to relax in a cold pool. However at Phophonyana the climate is a bit more tropi...

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