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Jangamo Beach Resort

Inhambane, Bed and Breakfast

Jangamo Beach Resort

Praia de Jangamo holiday beach resort in Mozambique is situated on the beaches of the Indian ocean 25km south of Inhambane.

The Portuguese established Inhambane in 1560. It is a beautiful old town with lots of historical sites. Inhambane hosts all the basic technological needs that you may need during your stay. The town provides fuel, food supplies, pharmacies, hospitals, restaurants and communication facilities.

Praia de Jangamo is a cozy well respected scuba diving paradise nestled between lush green forest and the deep blue sea. The elevated position looking over the Indian ocean ensures that there is always a cool sea breeze caressing your body. With the shore only a rock throw away you can enjoy soothing sunset walks and snorkeling.

You can enjoy our exclusive "Jangamo Beach Gello" at our beautiful bar overlooking the nearby ocean. Numerous activities keeps you entertained and you can also learn how to scuba dive or sail with the aid of qualified instructors. If you're looking for adventure then we will exceed your expectations. All activities are supervised by qualified instructors and experienced guides. You will always be in safe hands while doing what you've always wanted to.

Boasting with the best diving spots in the world you can experience firsthand all the wonderful stories you hear about. You can learn to fish like a local, experience the sea like a sailor, explore like an adventurer and eat like a king.

Mozambique has all round warm weather but the constant cool sea breeze blowing will Keep you warm but comfortable. The rainy season broadly coincides with the hot summer months that stretch between November and March. Most provinces have rain over 7-9 months of the year. Winter is between July and September. The coastal regions have an average temperature that doesn't fall below 12°C. There are random rainstorms and cloudbursts but not enough to spoil your trip.

Surrounding Area
Enjoy the African wilderness and experience a cloudburst while soaking up the sun and dancing in the rain. The surrounding area is a contrast of lush green forests, the deep blue ocean and prestine beaches. Take on the challenge of trying to break a coconut open without any tools and still be able to drink the water and eat the flesh or collect beautiful shells to decorate your home with