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If you have ever watched a movie set in a tropical area then you will be able to picture what Maxixe and the surrounding areas look like. Small houses built out of wood and grass, slow moving locals that don’t seem to care about the outside world and ocean water so clear you can’t see where it starts. 
Maxixe is close to Inhambane in the Xai-Xai district of Mozambique, the two towns work in perfect harmony with each other. This also means that the amount of beauty that you can see here is endless. During the day you can travel through the streets and buy some of the local arts and food and during the night, if you are in a secluded spot, you can enjoy the stars above you for hours on end. If you are a in a more suburban area you can simply walk to the beach with a blanket and enjoy the lights from Inhambane sparkle on the ocean waters. 
If you want to enjoy the tropics as well as some of the best beaches in the world you might have found the spot.