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Lobamba is the capital city of Swaziland. It is also the capital for traditional and spiritual leaders as well as serving as the legislative capital of Swaziland. The Ntombi, which is the Queen Mother, lives in this town. Annual ceremonies and dances are preformed throughout the year, all taking place in Lobamba.

Guava Gallery Boutique

Most boutiques are located on the main shopping road of a country, however the Guava Gallery is nestled within the mountains of Swaziland. This means that the view in and around the boutique is amazin...

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King Sobhuza II Memorial Park

When King Sobhuza II was four months old his father, the king, died. This led the elders of the Swazi people to decide that he was to become king. By the age of 22 he had gone to university and took u...

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Ludzidzini Royal Village

The royal village is where the current king of Swaziland and the Queen mother lives. There are occasional parliament meetings held within the village as well. Whenever the Reeds Dance festival takes i...

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Swaziland National Museum

Swaziland is filled with culture, some stretching back thousands of years other times its history from the 80’s. This means that the museum in Swaziland has a lot of history to cover and they co...

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