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With a long and hard history behind it the port city of Beira has only recently started rebuilding all the things that were lost during the civil war and the flood of 2000. Because the city has had such a rough economic time some of the citizens are starting to see the potential of tourists travelling through the town. This means that no matter what there is always something to do.
The town has some delicious delicacies and there are several old buildings, including a magnificent church, which you can go and explore until you’re tired. The beaches are also great with ships frequently being seen just offshore.

Beira Railway Station

Built as a link to Zimbabwe the Beira Railway Station has a long history that involves the growth of the country. The station itself is quite beautiful with a design that is unique to the station. The...

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The Lubombo Tourism Route, Piet Retief, South Africa

Starting at Piet Retief drive on the R543 Road towards the Mahamba Border Control. The entire drive towards the Mahamba Border Control is 33.8 Km out of Piet Retief. Do note that the Mahamba Border Co...

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