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Angoche Island


This island has a history with slavery and conquest. Originally an Arabic settlement with a sultan hierarchy system the islands were one of the most important ports along the coast of Mozambique. The sultans used the island to control their trade in slavery and regularly carried out some of the cruellest acts towards other human beings. The islands slowly started losing power when the Portuguese port of Qualimane was established. The islands still had some power when the Portuguese decided to take them over in the 1860’s. This also stopped the trade of slaves in the area which meant the thing that made the islands relevant was no longer there.
Today the islands are mere remnants of what they were. When you walk among the streets the Muslim influences can be seen everywhere, some of the people still speak Arabic. Because the islands are now almost derelict tourists have started to see them as an escape from the bustling hot spots and the tourist industry is slowly increasing. Next time you enjoy the warm waters around the islands take a minute to think of all the history that has taken place there.