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Along the eastern coast of Africa, the warm Indian Ocean creates some of the most beautiful tropical climates in the world. Mozambique is on this coast with some of the best beaches in the entire world filled with wildlife and it is constantly growing to be a tourist hotspot.
The coastline is filled with small islands and tropical towns that promises to make any vacation or trip memorable. All you need is a pair of diving goggles and a willing guide and the underwater world of tropical reefs will be open for you. The reefs in Mozambique are world renowned for their abundance of sea creatures and the yearly routines of whales, dolphins and sharks that pass through them. 
While you are visiting the reefs make sure to go and visit some of the islands that are only a few kilometres away from the mainland. These islands are nature reserves with some having a long history of pirates, slaves and wars. The history of these islands can be told by many of the guides that are available.
After enjoying some of the hot tropical waters you can go inland to explore the cultures and find some of the best African traditions mixed with Portuguese influences. Everything from the language, the food and the buildings have a style unique to the country with some of the best traditions staying alive through the years.
While you are exploring the traditions you can go see some of the best wildlife in the world. Mozambique is filled with some of the largest nature reserves in the world, including one that is shared with the Kruger National Park. This means that you can truly see and experience the wildlife that this country has.
For the best all round trip with hot summer days and long lazy nights Mozambique is one of the best countries to visit any time during the year.