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Kruger Cultural Village

Kruger National Park, Bed and Breakfast

Kruger Cultural Village

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Surrounding the Kruger National Park under the Skukuza sunset, down the valleys of the Nhlanganiso River lies Kruger Cultural Village.At Kruger Cultural Village, we bring you a true undiluted feel, touch, smell and unforgettable views of Africa. Experience an African beehive of multiple cultural experiences.

You will see the beauty of the rising sun on the Mpumalanga horizon. Hear the African beat during the sunset and listen to the old tales on a relaxing afternoon. Taste the real African food from our African cuisine. Enjoy the sounds and melodies of Africa as the villagers sing and dance in their various traditional attires. Get a fortune teller to give you a look at your future at the Sangoma Hut.

Relax your body and mind in our beautiful cultural huts . Alternatively you can have the best bird watching and relaxation in our modern chalets. Our high class cultural huts have been built to make you feel like an African king or a queen in a very comfortable way.

At Kruger Cultural Village, we offer you the feel of the main cultural experiences within Mpumalanga.This varies from the Swazi, Shangaan, Zulu and Ndebele cultures. You can get a tour at our village and see pictures unfolding of how the people around Mpumalanga used to live in the past. Kruger Cultural Village gives you the opportunity to have a glimpse and experience of the lives of people who were living around Mpumalanga.