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Chrissiesmeer is situated in Msukaligwa Local Municipality, which is in the wetlands on the northern banks of the Lake Chrissie. The San and the Tlou-tele people lived in this area on the rafts in the larger lake before the Voortrekkers came to the land. It is said that the Tlou-tele people use to hide between the reeds to avoid danger caused by aggressors. The town is known as "Matotoland", which means “land of the frogs” in Swazi. People in the town eager that motorist slow down when driving around the town at night to prevent killing the frogs. Chrissiesmeer was established by the Voortrekkers in the 1860’s. It’s named after Marthinus Wessel Pretouris’s daughter Christina. In the 1880’s the town became an important stopover for wagons travelling to the gold mining town of Barberton.